Red Tail Hawk Earrings

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Red Tail Hawk Earrings


Flying Red Tail Hawk Earrings in Sterling Silver. Red Tailed Hawks soar above open fields, slowly turning circles on their broad, rounded wings. You can have these beautifully detailed Hawks flying around you.

Each Red Tail measures a 1" wingspan, and hangs approximately 1".

How is the coloring done? After the piece has been hand cast, the sterling silver is sandblasted to produce a frosted white finish. A variety of oxidizing agents and inks are hand painted on to create the colorful effects. And finally the surface is sealed with an acrylic coating to protect it from tarnishing. Since each piece is hand painted please allow for slight variations in color tone and intensity.

As each piece is handcrafted, please allow 12 to 14 days before it will be available for shipping. Gift Boxed

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  • Type: earrings